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"Have you given up on life?"

Main Crew

Ryan "Flamzeron" Burton
Job: Host, Podcast and Website Management
Favorite Tales Game: Tales of Eternia
Website: Ryan's personal website

Bio: The man who started the idea of the podcast, Ryan is a huge nerd with an even larger stomach. A veteran Tales fan, Ryan shows the utmost passion and support for the series. Having played almost every single game, Ryan takes pride in having extensive knowledge on the franchise and what makes it tick. Besides Tales, he enjoys DragonBall, Saint Seiya, and SoulCalibur, among other franchises. Outside of his fandom, Ryan is a published writer, and former voice actor, currently working on a Creative Writing major in college.

Stan "DreamSword" Domer
Job: Host
Favorite Tales Game: Tales of Eternia
Website: Stan's YouTube

Bio: Having been with the series since the beginning, Stan demonstrates an understanding of the growth of the franchise and what happens behind the scenes of the developers. With the internet and a thirst for knowledge, Stan has eaten up everything he can chew about the Tales series. With every tidbit, Stan has something to say and will make you listen! When he's not playing Tales, Stan enjoys the Ace Attorney franchise and Voltron, as well as plenty others.

Job: Host
Favorite Tales Game: Tales of Phantasia
Website: It's there if you can find it

Bio: The enigma of the group, Ryo isn't happy to be here. Although he may be bitter, Ryo is an expert gamer with a vast amount of knowledge and experience. While roughly new to Tales, he has played some of the games and shows a clear understanding of them. Ryo's primarily into Mega Man but also (un-ironic) s-CRY-ed and (ironic) all the bullshit he's made us watch, as well as some others.

Jen "LadySheena" Santini
Job: Moral support, Host, Social Media, Graphic Design
Favorite Tales Game: Tales of the Abyss
Website: Sheena's Twitch

Bio: The resident female of the group, Sheena is a quiet one with not much to say. However, she's just as passionate about gaming as the rest of our little gang are. When she speaks, it's like the entire world stops for a second, if only to hear the insight Sheena brings to the table. While not new to Tales, she hasn't had the chance to play many of them. Don't worry, we're working on her! Sheena's primary interests are the Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing franchises, as well as Kaicho wa Maid-sama, among other stuff she doesn't like talking about.

Special Guests

Website: Foxy's YouTube

Bio: Frozenfoxy is a seasoned Let's Player with over 100 games under his belt. He is perhaps best known for his let's play of Vampire: The Masquerade-Bloodlines. Although not particularly into Tales, Frozenfoxy has a vast interest and knowledge of thousands of PC games and computers.

Illich Guardiola
Website: Illich's YouTube

Bio: Illich is a popular voice actor based in Texas. He has worked for several anime distributors such as FUNimation, ADV, Sentai, and Seraphim Digital. He is perhaps best known as Krad in D. N. Angel, but he is also known as Pegasus Seiya in the hit series Saint Seiya, also known as Knights of the Zodiac in some territories.

Website: Cows' YouTube

Bio: Cowscrazy is a popular Let's Player on YouTube from the holy forgotten land of Canada. Cowscrazy has let's played countless games, including Fable and Pokemon SoulSilver. While new to Tales, Cows is a big fan of the Star Ocean series, a close relative of the Tales series.

Celine Jules
Website: Celine's Deviantart profile

Bio: Celine Jules is an extremely skilled cosplayer with thousands of costumes made and shown off. A hardcore gamer since her childhood, Celine favors RPGs and has played many of them, especially retro ones. Celine is a fan of the Tales series, but also loves the Star Ocean series (if you couldn't tell by her name alone.)

Yuri Lowenthal
Website: Yuri's website

Bio: Yuri is one of the biggest voice actors in the anime industry. Fans will recognize him as Sasuke in Naruto, Barnaby in Tiger & Bunny, and Suzaku in Code Geass, among countless others. Outside of anime, Yuri has voiced numerous characters in both video games and animation, such as Sun Ce and Zhang He in Dynasty Warriors, Alucard in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (the PSP redub), Roddick in Star Ocean: First Departure, and Ben in Ben 10. Of course, we Tales fans know him as Luke fon Fabre and Asch the Bloody in Tales of the Abyss. Outside of acting, Yuri has written two books and often works behind the camera.

Chris Niosi
Website: Chris' YouTube

Bio: Chris Niosi, better known by his online alias of "Kirbopher" from back in the Newgrounds days, is an animator known for his web series TOME. He also voice acts for various video games and anime, including Dezel in Tales of Zestiria! When he's not animating or voice acting, Chris posts plenty of video content on his YouTube channel, including his popular Kirblogs and Did You Know Voice Acting series.

Kira Buckland
Website: Kira's website

Bio: If you know of "Rina-chan" from the old Newgrounds days of Flash videos, you likely already know Kira Buckland. Kira is a voice actress known for many memorable roles, such as Umi in Love Live, Kuroyukihime in Accel World, and Honoka in Dead or Alive 5 Last Round, to name a few. Tales fans will also recognize her as Edna in Tales of Zestiria! Outside of voice acting, Kira enjoys cosplaying and is quite the fan of fighting games. Of course, nothing can top her love for JoJo's Bizzare Adventure (and yes, she has seen Duwang!)

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