Skit Style BBS Podcast

"Have you given up on life?"


We are the Skit Style BBS Podcast, or Mizuho BBS Podcast (as Stan likes to call it). Our job is to entertain you with hours (literally) of recorded discussion.

What's the story behind the podcast?

We were all on a message board called Skit Style BBS and we decided to do a podcast. We are named after the BBS, and are doing our best to keep it alive.

What's the history of Mizuho and the BBS?

Are you on iTunes?

Currently, no. We've tried submitting the podcast to iTunes, but they apparently don't like our feed.

When do the episodes come out?

The new episodes are usually uploaded within a few days after the recording session, whenever editing is complete. New episodes are posted on the forum first, with the website usually following on Wednesdays at the earliest. We record late Saturday nights. The recordings usually go into Sunday morning. With that said, it's hard to hit an exact time frame when posting the episodes. Plus, several of us are in school or have jobs. Think of each episode as a review of the specific week.

Where can I find the podcast bonus content?

A link to the bonus content is hidden in the archive. Happy hunting!

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